Molly Heck Books

Molly is a children’s book author and speech-language pathologist. Make sure to check out the free activities (coloring pages, language worksheets, graphic organizers, etc.) that go along with each book!

Follow her on instagram for early literacy & language tips, book updates, and more.

Books by Molly

Sammy’s Shell is a story about kindness. Follow along as one very thoughtful sea snail sets off a cycle of kindness that has a meaningful impact on many lives‭.‬ 

This book is excellent for talking about empathy, personal impact, and story sequencing.

I’m thinking of something, can you guess what it is? Probably not, because it could be anything

Children will have fun while they learn about categorization and describing with this educational new book.

Stay tuned for more information about Molly’s next book. Expected 2023

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